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Password requirements are ready to be served

The website is now finished and all planned functions are implemented the only thing left is to continue add websites to the database.

One big thing that we added was the suggestion tab on the right of the website. In that you can suggest what website you think we should add.

Just type the name of the site and if you want your email and we will send you an email when the website is added.


Welcome to passrequirements blog

Finally it's here!


This is the blog about and we will post updates and news about the site. We will also in the future write articles about passwords and password requirements.


So how far have we come in the development?

The website's structure is finished but there are some planned functions that aren't implemented yet. Those functions will be available very soon.


Hope you like the site as far as it is right now and do not hesitate to contact us if you find any problems or issues with the site.





Suggest a website:

If you want, write your email and you will get an email notification when the website is added.